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Our Mission

There’s a story in the Bible about a man who ends up in serious need on the side of a road. A stranger sees him and feels compassion for him. The stranger takes it upon himself to care for the man until he can get back on the road again. The story has nothing to do with motorized transportation but has everything to do with helping those in need, regardless of whether you know them. It is from this story that we get the term “Good Samaritan.” (Luke 10:25-37)


Jesus uses this story to teach us what it means to be a neighbor. This is why our slogan is…

“Loving Our Neighbors, One Car at a Time” 

If you need basic repairs or maintenance, we can help you!

How We Started

Years ago, we had this fun idea for an outreach. We offered a “single mothers oil change.” A group of us from church gathered on a Saturday morning and changed the oil on a bunch of cars. As we worked on these cars, we could see so many more issues that needed attention. What started as a fun Saturday of serving has become a full-service car ministry today. We now have a fully functioning auto shop with a lift and all the tools necessary to work on most of today’s vehicles. 

How God Has Blessed Us

This is a non-profit ministry. Thanks to the backing of a bunch of generous people, we have been able to build an auto shop and equip it with all that we need to do our work well. We are so grateful to the many that have invested so we can pass that blessing on to others. Every year we need to raise thousands of dollars to keep this ministry going. Every year, God has provided through generous people.

How Can We Serve You? 

We perform maintenance and basic repairs on your vehicle. We work on things like oil changes, brakes, spark plugs, gasket replacements, window motors & regulators, engine and cabin air filters, coolant leaks and flushes, bulb changes, drive belts, suspension issues, and things like that. We can also offer you a complimentary inspection of your vehicle. 

We do not replace tires, work on A/C, or transmissions. We would be glad to give you a great referral to a local shop for anything we do not do.  

You only pay for the cost of parts and a small shop fee. We get a discount on auto parts through a local parts supplier; we pass that savings on to you! The small shop fee is to cover our costs for tools, lubricants, cleaners, software, insurance, etc. which we need in order to work on vehicles.

Our shop fees (all labor is free!):

$20 for an oil change (or other small repair/maintenance)

$50 for larger repairs

Labor is free of charge! Our technicians are trained volunteers with years of automotive experience. The shop manager, who oversees all the work, is an ASE-certified mechanic.

If you want to know if we can help with your particular issue, just ask us!

We only schedule appointments on Sunday afternoons. (3:00pm-6:00pm) 

Note: In the event of rain, your appointment may be rescheduled.


Intake Form for Repairs or Maintenance Requests. Someone from our team will contact you. Please note that it may take us a week or two to respond, as we only operate one day per week. You may Contact Us here to check on the status of your request; please do not complete duplicate forms, as this will slow processing time.



Pay Vehicle Fees for repairs and maintenance charges.

Venmo is our lowest cost payment method.

However, if you are unable to pay via Venmo,

please click here to pay with a debit or credit card. Thank you!


Charitable Contributions

Make a Donation to partner with us in this ministry.

Thank you for your support! 

Check out this video where Lead Mechanic, Pastor Jeff Philpott, shares his passion and vision for Good Samaritan Auto Care. 

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